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Inductive Loop Classifiers

Permanent Inductive Loops are considered the most reliable traffic detection method available. An inductive loop consists of coiled wire that is formed into a square, circle or rectangular loop. That loop is then installed into or under the surface of the roadway.

Inductive loops are used in signal detection and work like a metal detector. Once a vehicle drives over a loop sensor, the loop field changes which allows the device to detect the presence of an object (mainly a vehicle).

Inductive loops are referred to as presence detectors, and in traffic detection are often used in combination with axle sensors to collect classification data.

Phoenix II

Phoenix Permanent Multi Lane Time Interval Inductive Loop Counter and Classifier

Permanent Loop/Piezo Classifier

The Phoenix II is a multi-lane time interval counter/classifier designed for permanent installs or large portable applications.


Unicorn compact, portable inductive loop, traffic vehicle classifier/counter

Portable/Permanent Loop and Piezo Classifier

The Unicorn is a lightweight, compact traffic vehicle classifier/counter.