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Parking Lot Counting

Tracking vehicle traffic in and out of a parking lot or commercial location can be as simple as a temporary counts or a full blown real time parking space availability system with signage. At Diamond Traffic, we manufacture simple temporary units at a low cost. Our complete permanent system with LED signage and tracking software wont break your budget.


Pegasus Permanent Interval Traffic Counter

Four Input Time Interval Counter with Telemetry

The Pegasus is a lightweight, compact vehicle counter. It will count up to four lanes of traffic using road tube, piezo, or loop presence sensors.

Traffic Tally 2

Traffic Tally 2 Portable Traffic Vehicle Counter

Watertight Single Road Tube Accumulator

Traffic Tally 4

Portable Vehicle Traffic Counter, Traffic Tally 4

Watertight Single Road Tube One Interval Accumulator

Traffic Tally 6

Portable Road Tube Time Interval Traffic Counter

Watertight Single Road Tube Time Interval Counter