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Centurion Free

Centurion Free Traffic Data Management Software for the Road Runner 3

Centurion© Free is a Windows based programming, database and reporting software for the Road Runner 3 traffic data recorders. Its a complete comprehensive feature rich program that offers users powerful tools for traffic data management.

Centurion© Free software includes export and printing formats such as Excel, PDF, ASCII text, CSV and more.

The user interface is designed to be easy to use, and preforms powerful data analysis and editing of time stamped, per vehicle, binned, and volume interval data.

Custom graphs and reports can be created along with custom bin definitions, historical data reporting, site and study editing tools with GPS integration, and many more features.

Centurion Free provides all the features you need with the most accurate time stamp data recorder in the industry, the Road Runner 3.

Note: Submission of the registration file completes the license process.

Download Centurion Free here.