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Natural Road Tube

Road Tube coil

Natural Road tube is made from 100% Isoprene rubber. This makes a road tube that is flexible and soft but durable. In colder climates this helps the tube stay soft and usable. In warmer climates it may become too soft in which case we recommend the EPDM synthetic road tube instead.

The natural road tube is cured using an Autoclave curing process to make it more rigid and ruggedized but it still maintains its natural stretchy feel and elasticity. No wax or powder is used in curing for a clean and smooth finish. The inside is free from foreign material providing a unobstructed tubing for trouble free use.

ASTM D2000 M4AA 618 A13 B13 C12 EA14 F17 Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4 Z5


To help further understand the specification listed above, here is a break down of each portion.
EPDM Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (M-class) rubber
M4AA M indicates the unit of measurement (Metric)
4 indicates the Grade
A (first) is tye type of material
A (second) is the class of material and its Max Swell as a percentage.
Our specification has no requiremnet on Max Swell.
618 This is the hardness or Durometer
6 refers to a hardness of 60 duro(+/-5)
18 refers to the minimum strength at break in the value Megapascals or about 2610 psi.
A13 A is the Heat resistance indicator
1 is the testing method and duration (70 Hours)
3 is the test temperature (70C/158F)
B13 A is the Compression Set requirement.
1 is the testing method and duration (22 Hours)
3 is the test temperature (70C/158F)
C12 This is the percentaage of resistance to OZONE.
EA14 This is Fluid Resistance (Aqueous/water).
1 is the test type and duration (70 hours).
4 is the temperature of the test (100C/212F).
F17 F is the indicator for Low-Temperature Resistance
1 is the test type and duration of the test.
7 is the low temperature test point (-40C/-40F).
The following Z specifications are part of our requirements and are not part of the ASTM specification.
Z1 Cured to eliminate tackiness
Z2 Inside of road tube should be clean, smooth and free of dust, wax,
or any foreign material
Z3 Free from porosity
Z4 Base Polymer is 75% synthetic polyisoprene and black in color.
Z5 Ozone resistant 50pphm 40 C ASTM D1149