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Portable Count Accesories

The products listed below are some of the more common accessories used for the installation and maintenance of Portable Count Road Tube Stations (sites).

Allen Hex Wrench for Unicorn Ltd & Apollo

Allen Hex Wrench

Allen Hex Security Wrench for Unicorn Ltd & Apollo Battery compartment hex screws.

C Clamp (Galvanized)

C Clamp (Galvanized) for road tube installation

C Clamp (Galvanized) for road tube installation

Chinese Finger Grip

Woven Stainless steel cable with swagged loop to fit Piton Anchor, surveyor or concrete nail and roadside spike. Grip fits around road tube. Will not slip or cut road tube or tires.

Cloth Back Tape

This is a high quality 28 thread-per-inch cloth back tape.

The tape is useful for securing loop wire and road tube to the road surface. The more cars roll over it, the harder it sticks.

End Plug Wrench

This 5/32 Hex Allen wrench works with the Road Tube End plugs.

EPDM Synthetic Road Tube

EPDM synthetic road tube is a high quality durable rubber road tube.

Figure 8 Grip

This economical road clamp is made of 1/16" diameter stainless steel cable.

Lock - American Lock Co

A solid brass body lock. Used with our Unicorn, Phoenix, Pegasus units and others. Can be ordered to be keyed alike sets.

Lock - Huski Long Shackle

Long Shackle Lock used with the TT2/4/6/8 and Omega units.

Marmac Tape

This is more economical adhesive tape similar to TapeCoat M-860. It is not quite as sticky and the weave on the backer is more open.


Diamond Hard (DH) nails are made from hardened steel for use in concrete and asphalt that are harder than typical surveyor's nails.

Natural Road Tube

Road Tube coil

Natural Road tube is made from 100% Isoprene rubber. This makes a road tube that is flexible and soft but durable. In colder climates this helps the tube stay soft and usable.

Road Tube Air Switch

This solid-state air switch has been field tested and proven reliable in years of service.

Road Tube End Plug

These 5/8" long x 5/16" 18-thread machine screws are excellent for plugging the open end of road tubes to keep dirt and debris out of tube.

The plug accepts a 5/32 allen hex wrench on one end.

Road Tube Kit #1

Vehicle Road Tube Kit #1 for classifiers and counters

The Road Tube Kit #1 is your starter kit for all first-time vehicle traffic studies or as a convenient replacement kit.

Road Tube Kit #2

Vehicle Road Tube Kit #2 for classifiers and counters

The Road Tube Kit #2 is the kit for more robust vehicle traffic studies or as a convenient replacement kit. The kit contains all the road tube and accessories you will need.

Road Tube Kit #3

Vehicle Road Tube Kit #3 for classifiers and counters

The Road Tube Kit #3 has everything and the kitchen sink for all your traffic counting needs. With this kit, you're always prepared.

16 Figure-eight road clamps

Security Cable

The master lock brand security cable is for use in securing portable units in the field. Thick woven steel provides same protection as standard chain without the weight.


Spikes for anchoring in soft soils. 10 inches long by 3/8" diameter (25.4 cm x 1 cm).

Tapecoat M-860

This is hands down the best adhesive material for temporarily securing road tube, loop wire, and over the road sensors to pavement.

Tube Joiner (1/4")

1/4" Tube Joiner (Male to Male) Solid Brass

Web Belting (1 1/2")

1 1/2" black Web Belting comes in 150' (50 yard) rolls.

This woven polypropylene web belting is a simple, inexpensive means of securing road tube.