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Permanent Site Accessories

12-Volt Power Supply, 1000 Milliamp

110-volt AC outlet plug 12-volt DC unregulated power supply for Unicorn, Pegasus, Phoenix units with its own built-in battery charging circuit.

12-Volt Power Supply, 800 Milliamp

110-volt outlet plug mount 9 and 12-volt unregulated power supply for Unicorn Limited and Apollo traffic counters with its own built-in battery charging circuit.

Inductive Loop Wire

We stock 14-gauge 34 strand tinned copper inductive loop wire with a polyethylene insulation jacket impervious to water, oil, sunlight, gasoline, and mildew.

Loop Sealant (Pro 6006)

This polyester resin is designed to seal saw cuts made while installing inductive loops. It comes in one gallon cans with a small tube of hardener.

Piezo Sensor - BL

The Roadtrax BL Traffic Sensor is designed for permanent or temporary installation into or onto the road surface for the collection of traffic data.

Q-Seal Loop Sealant

Q-Seal 290S is a one-part polyurethane loop sealant supplied in convenient and easy to use quart caulking cartridges.

UF Direct Buriable Cable

Suitable to be buried in dirt or gravel roadways.

Solid conductors: Soft, uncoated copper per ASTM-B3.

UL 83 (insulated conductors) File No. E15119

Wall Plug Battery Charger, 6-volt

Single battery 6-volt battery charger for 4-12 amp hr gel cell rechargeable batteries.