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Centurion Field

Traffic Counter with Telemetry

Centurion Field

In larger organization and with contractors that deal with many sites, field personnel need software that provides the ability to work out on site for tasks such as programming, downloading and testing site units. Centurion Field provides full communication abilities including telemetry to test and verify site operation and equipment. It provides the same functionality as Centurion Gold but without the data storage or advanced reporting office features making it a lightweight software for field technicians.

Windows Based Communications Software

Download Centurion Field

Centurion license codes are assigned to a specific computer on a one to one basis. License codes are computer specific, meaning original codes will not work on a new or different computer. However, we recognize that there are occasions when computers are replaced.

In the event you need to transfer your license code from one computer to another, please refer to the procedure outlined in the .pdf document “UNLICENSING & TRANSFERING CENTURION LICENSE CODES” on the right side of this page.

Centurion Field is licensed on a per computer basis. Issuance of license code typically occurs in 3-5 business days from receipt of registration information.