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Battery Replacement Kit 2/4/6/8

Is your Traffic Tally unit not responding to magnetic activations? Is your unit 3-5 years old? Has it been 3-5 years since the battery was last replaced? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then this kit may be what you need to revive your unit.

While the replacement of the battery is an easy and simple task, it is important to use a new gasket & O-Rings to help maintain a quality seal that can prevent moisture from entering the unit after the battery has been replaced. Our guide (located to the right) can walk you through the various steps to open, locate, replace the old battery and then close up the counter.

The two tools required to complete this process are an allen hex key and a small pick.

This battery replacement kit is designed for the following NON-bluetooth enabled units:

    Traffic Tally 2 (TT-2)
    Traffic Tally 4 (TT-4)
    Traffic Tally 6 (TT-6)
    Traffic Tally 8 (TT-8)

Please note that due to the Lithium battery being classified as a 'Haz Mat' item, this kit can ONLY be shipped via ground service.

This kit includes the following items:

3.6v 'AA' Cell Lithium Battery (Qty 1)
White Neoprene Gasket (Qty 1)
Nylon Cable Tie (Qty 1)
Replacement Screws w/o-ring (Qty 4)