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Unicorn compact, portable inductive loop, traffic vehicle classifier/counter

Portable/Permanent Loop and Piezo Classifier

The Unicorn is a lightweight, compact traffic vehicle classifier/counter.

It will classify up to two lanes of traffic using road tube, Piezo, and/or loop presence sensors. The Unicorn also will count traffic up to four lanes.

The Unicorn can be fitted with two or four road tube sensors, up to four remote inputs, two or four loop inputs, and two or four Piezo or resistive sensor inputs.

The Unicorn can be programmed via a laptop, PC (direct or via modem/IP), by the counter keyboard/display.

Portable/Permanent Road Tube, Loop and/or Piezo Classifier - up to two lanes
Lightweight and rugged design
Count four lanes of vehicle traffic using


  • Count 1 to 4 Lanes
  • +Count methods include directional, lane subtraction and normal.

  • Classify 1 or 2 lanes
  • +Classify using Axle-Axle, Axle-Pres-Axle, Pres-Axle-Pres depending on counter sensors

  • Record interval lengths of 1 minute to 24 hours in 1 minute increments.
  • Three modes of classification (1 to 2 lanes : Directional)
  • + Binning
    + Per-Vehicle Data
    + Time Stamped Sensor Event

  • Memory
  • + The Unicorn comes standard with 1MB
    + Complete alphabet and numbers keyboard (includes a two-line, 32-charater LCD display with and option of a four line, 64-charater display).

  • Sensors available
  • + 2 or 4 road tube air switches (32 counts per second)
    + 2 or 4 multiplexing presence loop detectors with optional optical isolated outputs
    + 2 or 4 remote contact closures or open collector to external inputs
    + 2 or 4 piezo electric or piezo resistive sensor inputs (adjustable sensitivity compatible with all brands of standard piezos or resistive sensors)