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Diamond Traffic Products Case Studies

The Diamond Traffic Case Study section allows you to find sample cases in a variety of settings. So if a specific type of project has been proposed or suggested for your area, you can use this information to inform your agency planners and public meeting attendees about past experiences with similar types of projects.

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Parking Lot Case Study
Diamond Traffic Products installed a complete permanent
parking system control for one of the largest Casino Resorts
on the West Coast.
Click Here to be directed to the Pegasus Counter page and case study.

Permanent Installation Case Study
Diamond Traffic Products installed a fully automated complete permanent count and classification system on one of the busiest state highway. This project fit the need for a full turnkey permanent installation for testing.
Click Here to be directed to the Phoenix II page permanent installation case study.

Traffic Light (Private Business/Community Improvement) Case Study
Diamond Traffic Products worked in partnership with the owner of a community grocery store located at the intersection of a state highway and a rural farm road. The site averages about 8 deadly accidents a year and the owner wanted to collect traffic data to help get a traffic light to increase safety by reducing collisions.
Click Here to be directed to the Unicorn Limited page traffic light case study.

Coming Soon: Visual Bike Counter Display Case Study (Phoenix II)