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Traffic Tally 77

Electronic road tube counter

One Road Tube Volume Accumulator with LCD - Discontinued

The Traffic Tally 77 is a solid-state electronic road tube counter. It is a volume accumulator with direct axle or divide by two vehicle count. The counter is designed to operate in field conditions for two years on a set of batteries.

7 digit LCD (liquid crystal display)
Axle or Vehicle count (divide by two)
Long battery life (2 years)


SIZE 8" 1/4" x 8" x 5" (21cm x 20cm x 12.5cm)
CASE Weathertight IP54 cast Aluminum with locakable latch
WEIGHT 8 Lbs 8 oz.( 3.8kg)
POWER Eight "D" cells or Two 6-volt lantern batteries. 110-120v AC version also available
COUNT 32 counts per second
TEMP RANGE -40°F to +160°F (-40°C to 72°C)
SPEED RANGE Toggle switch to select low speed (3-30MPH) or high speed (7+MPH)