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Piezo sensors are used as axle detectors and primarily used for classification or weigh-in-motion in permanent sites.

Infrared is used where non intrusive technology is needed at an economical price to count remote pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

Inductive Loops are the most used technology for permanent sites. They have been proven to be the most accurate technology for traffic detection available.

Manual or hand held counters are used for intersection and other visual count or classification studies performed by an operator.

Road tube is the most common, flexible and cost effective portable counting or classification solution.

Popular Products

Traffic Tally 2
Traffic Tally 2 Portable Traffic Vehicle Counter

Watertight Single Road Tube Accumulator

Traffic Tally 200

The Traffic Tally 200™ (TT-200) is our newest member to the Traffic Tally line of Inductive Loop counters...

Featured Products

Omega G

The Omega G brings the feature set of the Omega X3 to a two-tube timestamp recorder.


The OMEGA X3 combines the best features of both our Unicorn Limited and Apollo units and takes data collection...