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Cascade Modem


The Cascade Data Modem is designed to operate reliably in harsh conditions. It serially connects (RS-232) with any data-collecting or electronic device that is battery, solar or AC powered.

Unlike the average “off the shelf” modem, the Cascade Modem is designed to work in high heat and humidity and in freezing cold temperatures alongside the road in dusty cabinets. It will dependably transmit data and control commands and has a temperature range of –40 to +85 C (-40 to +185 F).

Powering down to 170 micro amps (.001 watts) while awaiting the next call, the Cascade Modem uses far less power than most other modems, which draw as much as 35 milliamperes, or over 200 times as much power. In practical terms, this means a standard “off the shelf” modem requires a 10-watt solar panel while the CDM needs less than one watt of solar power.

The CDM can be interfaced with traffic classifiers, weigh-in-motion sites, weather stations, variable message signs, oil wells, pipelines etc. It is also hardened against lighting and has an external earth grounding to aid in static electricity suppression.