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Traffic counter calibrator and tester

Model 1111 Calibrator - Discontinued

This is the original traffic counter calibrator and tester for air hose counter/classifiers designed by Basicon. The calibrator verifies the correct operation and accuracy of your air hose switches and counters "on the bench" - you don't have to go in the field, and you don't have to make manual counts to check for proper operation of the counter.

Our calibrator generates air pulses to simulate air hoses in six very precise traffic patterns (0.01% timing accuracies), which are listed below. The ouput amplitude of the air pulse is adjustable, so you can test the threshold of your air switches and ensure they are not losing sensitivity. The calibrator has a two-line display that indicates FHWA vehicle class, vehicles speed, and total vehicle counts.

Counts: Simulates a two-axle vehicle with a 10-foot wheel-base traveling 35 mph. One vehicle is generated each second.

Speeds: Simulates a two-axle vehicle which a 10-foot wheel-base traveling at 10 mph to 80 mph in 5 mph increments. One vehicle is generated every four seconds in a five minute repeating cycle.

Classes: Simulates each of the 13 FHWA classes with vehicles traveling at 35 mph. One vehicle is generated every four seconds in a one minute repeating cycle.

Speeds 2: Same as Speed pattern, except speeds generated range from 28 mph to 42 mph in 1 mph increments and vehicles are generated every two seconds in a 2.5 minute repeating cycle.

Stand alone operation (No PC required)
Compact, light, and portable.
Adjustable signal strength output