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Traffic Tally 14

The TT-14 has been replaced with the TT-51

Watertight Single Inductive Loop Accumulator - Discontinued

Traffic Tally 14 is an ultra low power, solid-state electronic grand total accumulator encased in a watertight cast aluminum enclosure to prevent damage should it become submerged. This allows placement of the counters in wet, low-lying terrain or near lakes and rivers.

IP67 watertight
LCD (liquid crystal display)
Battery life of 12 months on "D" Cells
Fast automatic tuning
Standard external connections


SIZE 6 3/4” x 10” x 4 3/4” (17.14cm x 25.4cm x 12cm)
CASE IP67 Cast Aluminum with a built-in Cam Lock, or lid and counter case may be drilled to accept a 1/4” diameter shackle padlock.
WEIGHT 11lbs ( 5 kg)
POWER 8 akaline "D" cell batteries. Battery life approx 18 months.
TEMP RANGE -40°F to +160°F (-40°C to 72°C)
AUTO TUNING Automatic tuning to loops of 70-500 microhenrys
TIME DELAY 0.1 to 4 second adjustable time delay

Adjustable Time Delay

  • To enable a counter to register one count per vehicle, a time delay feature is useful. A properly set time delay will eliminate multiple counts from truck and trailer, and still count a vehicle close behind. The TT 14 time delay is user adjustable from 0.1 to 4 seconds. A delay period light is provided to show the length of delay.

Automatic Tuning

  • The Loop Detector circuitry in the Traffic Tally 14 will automatically tune to loops having an inductance between 50 and 500 microhenries. Tuning time is one minute.


  • The TT 14 runs on 8 alkaline ‘D’ cell batteries. The battery compartment, like the electronic counter compartment, is watertight. Battery life is approximately 18 months.

Liquid Crystal Display

  • Eight digit all solid-state counter, Resettable to Zero. Eliminates the need to subtract the previous reading. Batteries can be changed without losing your count.

Standard External Connections

  • A standard M.S four-terminal connector is provided for loop input and external output to trip surveillance devices. External trip is via open collector to ground.

Cast Aluminum Case

  • The TT 14 is enclosed in a cast aluminum 6 3/4” x 10” x 4 3/4” water tight case with lockable cover latch. Counter can be ordered with a built-in Cam Lock, or lid and counter case may be drilled to accept a 1/4” diameter shackle padlock.
  • An optional Display Viewing Window can be installed in the TT14, allowing the operator to read the count without having to open the lid.