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The OMEGA X3 is Discontinued and replaced by the Omega X3A

The OMEGA X3 combines the best features of both our Unicorn Limited and Apollo units and takes data collection to another level.

The Omega X3 is an event Timestamp Counter/Classifier vehicle traffic recording unit that uses pneumatic road tube sensors to record vehicles and bicycles in mixed traffic. the unit also optionally records Bluetooth MAC address data for travel time or Origin/Destination data. The unit is compact and includes a lightweight case that is watertight (rated IP67) and ruggedized. It is programmable by the on-board keypad and graphic display, or by a PC using a USB cable or Bluetooth wireless communication.

The unit contains internal Lithium batteries that have an expected life of 2 years without recharging or maintenance, and a secondary battery pack for Bluetooth data recording. The Omega X3 stores data in a high resolution Timestamp format, but also performs processing of the sensor inputs to provide real time data monitoring functions of vehicular traffic via the LCD. The Omega X3 is a mixed use traffic recorder that can count and classify Vehicles, Bicycles and also provide Origin/Destination data, all in one unit. After each study is completed, the unit also provides an "End of Study" summary to present field users the data validation in an easy and useful way before leaving the site to ensure proper data collection was performed. This eliminates the question of data quality and accuracy before leaving a site.

Diamond Traffic's Centurion Software programs the counter, downloads data and features advanced processing of data, providing easy exports to Excel and 17 different export formats with over 20 different report formats.

Centurion CC (City/County) is the software of choice, to make the most use of the data gathered by the Omega X3 unit.

Count up to 4 lanes
Classify up to 2 lanes
Temperature and Battery Data Storage
Upgradable Firmware
Ultra Low power consumption with Smart Power Management
Real Time Classification Monitoring via LCD
End of Study Summaries via LCD
Ultra High Resolution Timestamp Accuracy
On-board Sensor Diagnostics
Compact Size and Lightweight
User Settable Values
High Speed Communication
Open Formats and Protocol
Replaceable Airswitches


SIZE 9.45" x 7.8" x 4.3"
DATA EVENT RECORDING 4 Channel Event Timestamp data at a resolution of 30.5uS (0.0000305 sec). Adjustable timeout range of 1-4096ms per channel.
CASE Injected molded plastic Pelican case. IP67 rated watertight with snap latches. Carrying handle and one way pressure vent to protect against pressure build up.
WEIGHT 3lbx ( 1.36kg).
POWER 2 Years.
MEMORY CAPACITY 512MB flash chip holds 120 million timestamps; approximately 25 million vehicles. Can store up to 65k Individual studies.
TUBE NOZZLE Dual-nozzle for mini (low profile) or standard tube sizes.
ENVIRONMENTAL TEMPERATURE RANGE -40°F to +160° F (-40° C to 72° C)
COMMUNICATION USB A Host; USB B Peripheral; Bluetooth Serial Port; Bluetooth Low Energy
SOFTWARE Centurion CC is a complete and comprehensive software package that includes common export and printing formats such as Excel, PDF, text, and more. Windows based. Easy to use. Powerful data analysis.