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Road Runner 3 Starter Kit

Road Runner 3 Vehicle Counter and Classifier

The Road Runner 3 (RR3) is our newest two road tube vehicle counter and classifier and has the latest in traffic counting and classification technology at the most affordable price. With an eight year limited-lifetime warranty, you get incredible power, and a fast set-up.

The RR3 was designed with the utmost consideration for reliability, ease of use, and high accuracy. The Road Runner 3 Counter and Classifier Kit is perfect for the engineer, contractor, and individual consultant. Each unit features a no hassle set-up, extra large storage capacity, and can be set to continuous operation or automatic shutdown.

The Centurion Free software is used for the Road Runner 3 and provides all the tools needed for complete data analysis.

Accuracy redefined; simply powerful.
This kit contains all the road tube and accessories you will need to get started. The starter package contains:

  • Road Runner 3
  • RR3 USB cable
  • Centurion Free software
  • Optio Android App

Road Tube Kit #1:

  • 8 Figure-eight road clamps
  • 8 "C" road clamps
  • 4 End plugs
  • 2 End plug wrenches
  • 20 2 1/2" road nails, and
  • 100 feet of 1/4" ID road tube, either synthetic or natural rubber (consists of one 100' long tube)

Recommended Add-ons:
We recommend that a chain and lock be used in in conjunction with this package to prevent against theft. A chain and lock can be purchased through our store in accessories.

Check out our General Guidelines for Road Tube Installation.

Large memory capacity; holds 120 million timestamps
Reliable, simple installation; can be safetly set up by one person in just a few minutes