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To prevent solar panels from overcharging a battery and to stop power from back flowing to the solar panel during dark periods, a voltage regulator is required.

We offer two versions which have been extensively tested and are proven to be very reliable.

The ASC-4 will easily handle locations operating at up to 55 watts solar power.

The SunSaver 6 is our recommendation for sites rated up to 70 watts or 8.1 amps.

Both offer protection against reversed polarity, and have an ambient temperature vs. charging rate compensation circuit. Meaning you won’t suffer from back feed of electrical current, no matter what the atmospheric conditions at your locations.

Charge Regulation of 12vdc and 24vdc
Low voltage load disconect
Completely encapsulated for protection


LOAD CURRENT (Continuous) 10A@12VDC, 10A@ 24VDC
ARRAY VOLATGE (max Voc) 26 @12V, 26@12V, 46@24V, 69@36V, 92@48V
TEMP RANGE -40°F to +122°F (-40°C to 50°C)