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AS475 Grout for Piezos

AS475 axle sensor grout is a high quality, durable resin-based grout. It is specifically designed to embed permanent axle sensors and their cables into asphalt or concrete pavements.

It has been used for over 10 years for axle sensor installations and is recognized as one of the best grouts available. AS475 Grout is recommended for use by Thermocoax, Inc. and Measurement Specialties, Inc. (MSI), suppliers of Piezoelectric Sensors, and has been used by Departments of Transportation throughout North America.

Robust - Capable of withstanding the pressure and impact of thousands of vehicles a day
Durable - Capable of enduring all types of weather conditions including rain, snow, sleet, extreme heat and cold, and freeze/thaw
Efficient- Rapid curing axle sensor grout, allowing for shorter road closure time Low Curing Temperature Ability to cure at a lower temperature, allowing the AS475 Grout to be used in a variety of diverse climates