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TT-Link - Discontinued

Used by many large organizations and small agencies alike, TT-link enables users to remotely communicate via phone line to remote stations. Straight forward operation lets the user manage from just one site to hundreds of remote sites. Each site and configuration is saved and organized to let the user navigate and group sites for remote polling and communication.

Autopolling is a key feature among those who need to download frequently but do not want to have the hassle of manually polling or having to use a combination of software to get remote site data. With the calendal function and automatic modem control, TT-link can be setup to get your data when your gone and have it ready for you when you need it. This saves time as a routine time consuming task can be automated.

In conjunction with TrafMan, TT-link can remotely program and monitor ATR sites without having to travel to the physical location. Giving you complete control over your data collection operation right from your PC.

Fully compatible with all Diamond Traffic Counters/Classifiers
Works in conjunction with TrafMan for complete remote programming and monitoring
Autopolling feature lets you set up routine data collection without user intervention
Site unique setting allows for groups and Autopolling regions
Full terminal functionality for data transfer and communication troubleshooting