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Centurion Lite

Centurion Lite Software

Centurion Lite - Discontinued

Utilizing a personal digital assistant (PDA) Centurion Lite lets you download data as a portable data retriever without the hassle of a bulky laptop. Centurion Lite works on Windows CE PDA's and is a easy to use quick way to retrieve data from remote units.

Centurion Lite transfers data seamlessly to the Centurion PC software using MS Activesync without user action required. Centurion Lite uses the PDA memory allowing a vast amount of file storage. Typically you can store hundreds of studies in a single PDA memory card.

NOTE: Compatible with some PDA's. PDA must have a serial port or adapter cable to provide a serial interface (many do not).

Auto file downlaoding
Simple GUI Interface
Quick seemless data transfer.