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RR3 Press Release

April 15, 2014

Diamond Traffic Products is pleased to announce the release of the Road Runner 3 Road Tube Time-stamp Data Recorder.

Based on the same concept of the original Road Runner, the new model improves upon and expands the value of a low cost traffic data recorder. With a greater battery life, larger memory capacity and compatibility with our Centurion software, the RR3 is an even better value.

The Road Runner 3 is a high resolution time-stamp event data recorder and powerful vehicle classifier in a compact and rugged unit. Machined from solid aircraft aluminum for strength against vandalism and the elements, it is easy to transport and store.
“The Road Runner 3 is a great value”, says Colin Gibson, Vice President, “we listened to our customers to create a solid product that will last and be more accurate than units that cost twice or more. The price and feature set offers a value in the market place for large and small customers alike.”

With a ten year life battery (with Limited 8 year warranty), the client is assured incredible power and reliability without any maintenance. The unit features a no hassle set-up, extra-large storage capacity that holds 120 million timestamps (about 25 million vehicles) and a watertight assembly that weighs under 1 pound.

Each unit is compatible with the Centurion Free software, offering a complete and comprehensive software package that includes common export and printing formats such as Excel, PDF, text, and powerful data analysis that is fully customizable.

Don’t let the small size fool you, the Road Runner 3 was designed with the utmost consideration for the user in reliability, ease of use, and accuracy. The Road Runner 3 will give you the same or better data than any road tube unit on the market without compromise. Set for domestic and international distribution, this small yet powerful classifier is unbeatable in size and price point. Accuracy redefined; simply powerful.


Diamond Traffic Products is an industry-leader in the traffic measurement and reporting industry. Since 1977, Diamond Traffic has produced counters and classifiers for vehicle traffic, remote trail usage, bicycle, off-road, and pedestrian traffic data collection. Diamond Traffic’s specialize in the manufacture of accurate traffic measurement and classification traffic equipment, covering nearly every traffic measurement niche and software need.